WINHUB is an international networking project connecting the independent recorded music community around the world. It consists of an online platform; periodic online events with market and topic presentations and one-on-one speed meetings; and social events in existing conferences.

The objective is to bridge the gap between territories, foster market access, and increase export capacity.

winhub services

online events

Multi-stakeholder multi-territorial events are organized periodically in collaboration with local trade associations, with a regional focus or around a specific topic. Online events consist of a presentation of the featured markets or topic, followed by networking pre-booked speed meetings with companies from the other countries based on common interests.

social events

Social gatherings of the independent recorded music community are organized in collaboration with local trade associations and in the framework of existing conferences and other international events. Participation is open to members of WIN associations and invited guests only.


The WINHUB online community will be a place to browse a directory of companies from all over the world, apply to upcoming events and check out resources like market presentations.

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